Five great entrepreneur tips from Jay-Z

I firmly believe that every DJ, Producer, artist, and event promoter is an entrepreneur and should be listening to entrepreneur talks, audio books, etc.

  • My two favorite entreprenuers that I recommend right off the bat is Gary Vee and Darren Hardy. 

Today I ran across a super rad interview that Jay-Z did with Forbes. In this interview Jay shares some incredible advice and stories that made him "be different and stand out of the pack"

My favorite quote Jay said was "Want to know what the genius this we did was? We didn't give up"

Five great tips Jay shares that you should apply!

  1.  Be disciplined- Don't get caught up in the moment. Have the discipline to be yourself. 
  2.  Be You, Do what you love. - "don't make music with business in mind. It has to be real when people listen to it. It has to resonate with them."  
  3.  Make the right choices. 
  4.  Develop your artist. 
  5.  Stick to the basics of what makes YOU successful. I really love this. Jay elaborates on this by stressing the importance of telling YOUR story, and says that "the truth is in the moment of where you are right now in time." 

Watch/Listen to the whole interview. I promise you'll get motivated. 

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Full Interview:

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