Best Branded Label Award

Branding is one of my favorite things to observe. I love seeing the concepts, sketches, and ideas flow to become an overall image of a company. Everything about branding fascinates me, so when we were given the "Best Branded Label" award from our distribution company, Symphonic, it was all smiles here at DamnSon. 

There has been so much work put into the branding of DamnSon! and I can't take all the credit. It's been a collective effort from designers, producers, and photographers spread throughout the country. We have to highlight, Samra Jean, Alethia, Artin, and Oreeeo for their huge contributions this year in album work, illustrations, and photography.  

These guys are masters at their craft and I highly recommend them to everyone. They will give you quality work and make your brand look clean. Check them out and hire them. 

Much love to Symphonic for the award. 


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