X&G - "Anomalies"

Like last year, X&G is starting the year with a HUGE album entitled "Anomalies". This 11 track album is jam packed with timeless tunes. It includes big tracks like Whiplash ft. Josh Pan, Show Me Feat Fransis Derelle, Sayso, and K-SI Yang, Replika Feat Niam Liss, Higher Caliber feat Madeaux, and my personal favorite track, KingPin. 

The whole album is only $1, that's considered free in my opinion. The collaboration shown on this album are unreal.  X&G truly are masters of their craft and their love for music/working with other musicians is shown here. If this is how they are starting 2016, I can only imagine what the rest of the year is going to be like. I'm sure they are going to impress to say the least.

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