Devils Food - Cig Burna

There is so much power within music. Besides the obvious of creating emotion, music genres influence our way of life such as lingo, friends, and sense of fashion. 

I woke up this morning to a tweet that linked me to Cig Burna's "Devils Food" official music video (Filmed by ELM Productions). This dope hip hop track was produced by Briskoner and hands down to this cat, he nailed it.  Cig's raps were fresh and flowed smooth to the beat. You can tell that he has a lot of soul behind his lyrics and that he's been spittin' for a while. It's so catchy that I had to replay the track, however the second go around I watched the video.

I was super surprised and stoked to see Cig wearing our "Seattle" jacket.  That is the perfect environment for our gear. Right in the heart of the hustle and in the music lifestyle setting. Big Shout out to Cig for reppin' and big shout out to ELM for filming it. 



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