DAMN! new tunes from Volo, Carnage, Breaux, and Solidus

DAMN! son, I've been really digging three tracks the last couple weeks that I had to share. 

First, Salt Lake City homie, Solidus, just shared his remix of A-Trak's "We All Fall Down".  He did a great job complimenting the original by diversifying the tempo with a trap and house feel. It's free, it's dope, so download it. 

Next, VOLO 

I stumped across Volo by him following our soundcloud page. I'll normally take some time and browse the music of our recent followers. The description on his page says "Journey Music", which is absolutely true, I actually stopped working, closed my eyes, and went into relaxation mode. Great tune and great producer. 

Lastly, Crankdat (Carnage and Breaux remix) 

After refreshing the home page this track was the first one that appeared. Instantly felt the energy like I just finished my morning coffee. Totally dug the drops. A track I'll for sure be playing in the club. 

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