WHOA! - Golden Plates EP coming April Fools 2016

Every city has their main clubs and venues that are "the spot" to be at. Yes the "headliner" helps bring a crowd, however the the promoters and local support are what give the venue its reputation. They, IMO, are the backbone of what makes a show/event great. 

The upcoming deep and tech house EP entitled "Golden Plates" is something every city should be doing. What do I mean by that? Five local acts from Salt Lake City collaborating and dropping an EP that represents their city, style, and vibe. It shows why they are the best fit for the bill, it shows their knowlege of music and more importantly, it shows their true passion of music by producing it. 

 This is the first of 5 tracks you can expect on "Golden Plates". It's "WHOA!!" by Turbo and Ozone. Full EP drops on April Fools 2016

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