Golden Plates : What every city should be doing with music

Everyone has their own meaning of "Supporting Local" or has their own ideas of how the local scene should be. One thing is undeniable, when musicians work together in the right frame of mind, putting all ego aside, and just do music for love, that's when great things happen. 

The "Golden Plates" EP is what every city should be doing with music. Dj's and Producers coming together and making a solid and fluid tracks that turn into EP's. This EP represents Salt Lake City, it's produced by our local Dj's, or local promoters, our supporting acts. I've listened to this over and over and loved it more because it is local in every way. Granted it also helps that the tracks are fresh and very well produced. But, this is a pure form of collaboration and teamwork. I hope that when people see their local Dj's play, they'll have more respect for them. 

The cherry on top is that we, "DAMN SON!" being a local record label are privileged enough to release this. I couldn't be more stoked to have these tracks on my label. 

This EP is deep, deep house that is, with a little bit of tech. The tracks are free and the beats are dope. Give these tracks a listen, share them with your friends, and take this collaborative work and do the same in your city! 


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