DAMN SON! Radio Episode 027

What up guys. I've been all over the map the last little bit. It was super rad meeting fans at What the Fest as well as all the random parties I've been hitting up. Much love. Enjoy this weeks episode. Submit any tracks you'd like to hear or have featured. 



  • Energy - Equator Club
  • Being You - Chapter V
  • Staring at the sunset 
  • Low - Deverano
  • Bottled Up - Alastair
  • Cool Vibes - Mind Cntrl and Shooka 
  • Justin Hartinger and Levitate
  • X&G Kingpin - Mr. Vandal Remix
  • On my own - Wolfkin
  • Talk - Fransis Derelle x Heart Remix
  • White Iverson (PRXM cover)
  • Manila Killa - Youth feat. Satica (Qrion Remix) 
  • I got $$$
  • 1Wompers - Mr. Carmak 
  • Hit the pipe
  • But How - VASSH
  • Fly - Oshi


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