Kuma Films Best of 2016

YouTube stars and iconic brother duo, Kuma Films, are brilliant at capturing human creativity. What started out as a hobby in between teaching english in Taiwan, has lead into a full blown career in action sport, product, and lifestyle filming. They are a true inspiration for anyone wanting to do what they love full time. Just follow them on social media and you'll be amped. 

Some of you early Damn Son! fans might know that we supplied MANY of the original tunes for their videos. We're excited to be working with them again on upcoming projects. There is going to be a DS! x Kuma Films collab shirt dropping in the near future, tunes for videos, and who knows what else. (Wink Wink)

Check their "People can do amazing things" best of 2016 compilation video linked and OH YEAH... check out the Kuma Shirts available here on our online store. I know right, hella dope. 

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