What the Fest 2016 Recap

What the Festival is MUST experience at least once in your lifetime kinda fest. The scenery of the festival is gorgeous, the weather was perfect, and the forest at night resembled that of Alice in Wonderland or Avatar. The event takes place at The Dalles, in Oregon (just outside of Portland), and everything about the location was great.
The forest was lit up and full of life. The stages were so intimate and well lit which made the music experience more engaging. In the daytime there were places to relax, meditate, ask advice, do yoga, paint, eat, etc. it almost reminded me of a real life neverland. In the middle of the festival they had a beach and pool set up so you literally felt like you were hanging on the beach. Not to mention they had hella food trucks almost any food you can imagine. The bonus, most of them took card! 
The music was obviously out of control. Lunice for me took the cake. He was so stylish and vibed with the crowd so well. I was so stoked to see the love people had for the chill, hip hop, forward thinking beats. Watching Lunice perform re affirmed my prediction of the future regarding music and fashion. I firmly believe that more crew's are going to not only build their labels, but that labels are moving more towards personal brands, and even more so into a streetwear brand that embodies the specific genre of music. 
The highlight for me was seeing the growth/payoff of my friends X&G. From the early days of DamnSon! I always knew that these guys had the talent and mental focus to make it to the big leagues. From 1am-3am, Josh Pan followed by X&G, lit up the forest. They packed and finished the music festival with a mind blowing set. Seeing hundreds of people vibing and raging to music my friends produced, made me appreciate their music/hustle so much more. 
All the producers I was able to meet and chat with were super cool and humble. S/O to Josh Pan, G Jones, Alix Perez, Motez, Le Youth, Ekali, Jerry FolkEastgoast, and Wolfkin (Our Portland family). All these guys are super rad and had such great energy. 
My main take away was this. Always work on improving your craft, keep putting music out, you never know who's listening. If it's well produced and has a unique sound that people can connect with, you will make it. It takes patience, work, and being consistent. Be a music entrepreneur. learn from everything music has to offer, marketing,
networking, etc. 
Keep doing what you love. 

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