Founded in late 2012 and created by forward thinking producers and DJ's for the purpose of doing one thing, "Doing What We Love." 

We are a media company where the bedroom producer can get their music exposed and the artist can reach the next tier of the music industry. We know how how difficult it can be to be heard in a noisy world. So we're eager to spread fresh music.

We do this by distributing your music and blasting it through our refined social media presence. Basically, we want to hustle for you. 


DamnSon! has provided music and worked with awesome companies like K-Swiss, UMG gaming, Tobacco Motorwear, Kuma Films, and Mafia.TV. 


DamnSon! has been named "Best Branded Label" by Symphonic Distribution in 2013 and most recently 2015. Salt Lake City Weekly named us the "Best New Lifestyle Brand" in 2013. 

Artist Highlights

As a record label, our goal is to find the hidden gems. We've released music and have been home to artist such as 

Xian and Gaszia (X&G), Fransis Derelle, CloZee, Ill-Esha, and Equator Club.